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The Trust EVM Testnet is currently in the phase of Developer Preview version. There's still a lot of improvement on the way, but the whole system is mostly working. Let's start Trying it!

For Developers

Trust EVM should work with most existing wallets and development tools. Simply configure them to connect to the Trust EVM and you can start playing with smart contracts!
Please check Important Links for information about the endpoints.
Join the developer community to report bugs and for more technical supports:
Telegram of Developer Community: https://t.me/TrustEVMDev
EVM Channel in ENF Discord: http://discord.gg/eos-network

For Users

If you want to experience the Testnet as a regular user, please follow the guide at Just try everything!

For Business Cooperation

If you want to have a business cooperation with the Trust, please feel free to contact us:

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