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The story of our EVM supported by EOS Network Foundation(ENF)
The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is the computing environment native to the Ethereum Network. After years of competition, it is clear that the EVM has the best community base and resource available, it has effectively become a de facto standard for smart contracts. Despite the fact that it has limitations and there exist challengers, more and more public chains, such as avalanche, Solana, Near, have decided to join old supporters such as BSC and Polygon to support EVM. For EOS, supporting EVM has the following advantages:
  • Supporting EVM can connect EOS to a larger eco-system which is vital to the rebirthed EOS. The eco-system EOS can leverage includes not only larger community, but also existing well developed applications.
  • Supporting EVM (and then Solidity and the large existing libraries) can significantly low the bar (C++) for smart contract developers for EOS.
  • EOS-EVM inherently enjoys a unique advantage comparing to other EVM based chains with its low gas cost, high performance, good finality and time-tested stability.
With this vision, we launched this project Trust supported by EOS Network Foundation(ENF) and hope it can bring the community a new powerful selection.